Blog Content Ideas 4 Steps to Relieve Frustration for Releasing Creation

ocha-aff-linksFinding blog content ideas can be one of the hardest parts of starting a blog. After all, every imaginable topic known to the universe, already has someone blogging about it. If blogging is in your future I suggest you follow 4 simple ideas before you jump into your digital world. In the long run you will save loads of time.

I can remember when I created my first blog. The excitement of creating something that people would read and give me an opportunity to make some money to boot, shoot, I was pumped.

Finding Blog Content Ideas

The first blog content ideas that I had was make some money online. I was ready to be the next digital entrepreneur. Blogging was my calling.

I jumped in with both feet. I had read a book about it all and I was ready. So I thought. After creating my first website, I was even more pumped. Looking back it was one of the ugliest blogs I can ever remember seeing. After a couple years struggling with it, learning all I could, I vaporized the whole thing. Zapped it. It was that bad.

But I didn’t quit.

I kept looking for blog content ideas, reading books, other blogs; I was consumed by the exciting opportunities in a digital world. All this started around 2005 and things have certainly changed since. Millions of blogs, maybe a few gazillion are now published online. Money has been made and money had been lost to the blogging world.

The online world of blogging, websites, marketing; it’s part of who I am. But even today, finding blog content ideas can be a challenge.

I have a couple other blogs, other than this one that I run as well. The Morning Coffee Cup is one that I enjoy as much as I like coffee itself. Another is where I provide straightforward sales advice for new sales reps.

Finding blog content ideas that you can enjoy writing about should be your goal, before you actually create your site. There are 4 steps you should take to prepare for your blogging adventure.

Step 1. Brainstorm – Write down as many topics that you enjoy that you can come up with. Whatever it is you like doing, write it down. Don’t skimp on this step. You want as many topics that you can possibly come up with.

Step 2. Categorize – Now pick 5-10 of the top categories and list everything under them. If it doesn’t fit into one of your categories, put it aside. Don’t discard it because you can come back to it at a later date.

Step 3. Culling – Look hard at your categories. Find the top 5 topics that you enjoy the most under each and put them on another piece of paper. Again, set the rest aside for now.

Step 4. Revise – Now you should take your shortened list and rank the topics in order of what you enjoy the most. The ones that get the most votes are your blogging ideas.

Note: This little exercise can eliminate some of the frustrations you will have along the way. As you get started, you will continue looking for blog content ideas and may find that frustration still creeps in. When it does, repeat this exercise.

Just remember, it’s your blog. There are no rules as to what topic you choose. There is no blog police to arrest you if you go astray. There is, however, lots more to learn. In fact, if you enjoy the idea of blogging, you will never learn it all. Simply focus on what you want to do and find the resources to help you achieve your goals.

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Your Turn
How do you come up with your blog content ideas? Share them in the comment box below. It’s good to share.

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