Best Ideas Are All Your Audience Needs, But Whose Ideas

best ideas
Lately I have been reading a lot about new best ideas. One of the best new business ideas I read about was, we don’t need any more ideas.

There are plenty of them out there for you to spend a lifetime reading. But what we do need are your ideas.

Not just something you thought about in the flash of the moment, but those that you put some serious thought into.

Here are my best ideas on that…

Your best ideas are all you need

The article that I was reading, I found on Copyblogger, written by Jerod Morris. Jarod is the VP of Marketing for Rainmaker Digital. He also manages ongoing education at Digital Commerce Institute. His article cuts to the chase and is worth your time to read. (my idea)

He suggests that the only ideas you need to write about are your best ideas. The ones that cut through the crap, leaving the fluff in the wind. Ideas take time to develop. It’s a 10 step process you should learn.

I agree with what he writes about here but I have bit of a different take on the subject.

Where he suggests your audience only needs your best, I feel your best can be an honest opinion of someone else’s ideas as well. Just like I’m writing about here.

Leveraging the ideas of others

When you read an article or blog post written by someone else and find it intriguing and interesting, write about it.

Give your thoughts as to why you like it or maybe even disagree with it. It’s always a good idea to give the author credit too.

You can start leveraging the ideas with a blog post just as Jarod suggests. However, simply writing about your best ideas is only the beginning.

You have to share it before it can become of value to others. Share it with your Twitter audience, your Facebook fans, and all the other social media outlets you participate in.

Ideas are not meant to be stuck in your head. They are meant to be shared so that they come to life. Just maybe, your best ideas will inspire or help someone who reads them.

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