Believe in Yourself Like a Buzzard Spreading His Wings

believe in yourself
Believe in yourself. Three simple words but for many, hard to do. Today I was looking out the front door of a building and across the way was a cell tower. Nothing exciting or special. We have all seen cell towers. This one was different. Perched on the very top of every available space, sat a buzzard. Lots of birds. But it was that lone bird on the lower tier that got my attention.

Believe in Yourself

There he sat. Off to the side all by himself. Yet the thing that struck me, the thing that made him stand out from all the other twenty or so buzzards was what he was doing.

He had his wings spread to the fullest possible width. His posture and actions were Majestic. (At least as much as a buzzard can be.) I watched for several minutes as this one bird, apart from all the others was telling the buzzard world, believe in yourself. If you want to be an eagle, act like one. Believe.

His belief in himself and the way he was communicating to his other feathery friends, made me think how simple it is for people to become better at anything they choose.

If you want to be an eagle, believe in yourself. Act like an eagle. Communicate through your actions to everyone you come in contact with that you have what it takes to be great. To succeed. To reach your destination.

Joel Osteen A Victorous Life Begins in Your Mind

believe in yourself

I recently came across a short article that mentioned Joel Osteen and his new study bible. It claims to have 30,000 bible notes that simply say “believe in yourself” that will encourage you to do just that.

As the pastor of the largest church in America which is located in Houston, Texas, Joel’s message is always that of encouragement. He encourages you to believe in God, in scripture and to believe in yourself.

We are who the Bible says we are, we can have what it says we can have, and we can do all that it promises we can do. This is the heart of the message that Joel and Victoria Osteen share every week with an audience of millions around the world via television, the internet, and worship events

Just like the buzzard I saw on the cell tower, that was acting like an eagle, you too can be the eagle if you believe in yourself. Embrace that thought, absorb the word and truth of the promise from God, and you will begin to see what is possible in your life.

Believe in yourself.

Try this.
If you want to be an eagle, if you want to be “majestic” try this little exercise. Pick three to five people in your community that you feel are leaders, those that you might classify as eagles, and ask them for a moment of their time.

Tell them you are compiling a list of leaders from the community. Ask them what they feel is the strongest character trait they possess that helped them get to where they are today.

Listen closely to what they have to say. Then use that information to craft your own momentum that will help you believe in yourself and put you on a journey to your destination.

When you complete this simple task, come back to this page and post your results. Let us all know how to be like an eagle.

Joel’s new book is a wonderful guide that you can use to help guide you in your daily walk. You will find total encouragement that will give you the confidence, while building your desire to be the best you that you possibly can. Become all that you are meant to be. Believe in yourself. Believe in your ability to grow in your faith as you grow in your belief.

As I was reading some of the reviews on Joel’s book, Think Better, Live Better, I noticed it has a 4.6 star rating out of 5. That in itself is incredible, especially based on the number of people commenting. But there was one thing more than that, which grabbed my attention.

Encouragement when you’re down. So many of the reviews said how they found encouragement in the words and message. Encouragement to believe in yourself. The courage to do what it takes to reach your potential. Understanding that greatness is inside you.

There’s no excuse to not be all you can be. Let me encourage you to get a copy of this excellent book right now. It’s time you start being the best you there is.

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