You Have What It Takes to Be the Very Best

be the very bestAbout thirty-one years ago, I started my sales career. Though I didn’t know much about the selling process, I did have a burning desire to be the very best at my job as I could possibly be.

I started visiting the book stores to find inspiration. I was looking for that magic title that would teach me what I needed to know. I wanted to learn.

Be The Very Best

Not long after I started on my new journey, I came across a book that made everything seem to fall in place. It was a book on how to sell just about anything using specific processes.

I bought it, read it, studied it, I read it again and I still refer to it today. The book that started my sales career, the one that made me want to be the very best, Ziglar on Selling is still on my bookshelf.

Moving Forward

I found other books on sales and consumed them like wildfire in a dry hayfield. A couple of my favorites are Live Your Dreams by: Les Brown and Customer Satisfaction is Worthless by: Jeffrey Gitomer.

Though I had just started my sales career, I just knew I was going to set the world on fire. I was going to the top. But I first had to learn to be the very best I could be.

Reaping the Rewards
Over the course of my sales career, I have had some successes as well as some set backs.

But just the other day I was reflecting on my career and specifically some of the books that I had read.

One thing kept coming to mind. There seemed to be a common thread running through all the books I was reading. Though they were sales related, that wasn’t the common denominator.


Each of these books are tied together with a belief system. All of the authors know the power of believing in one’s self.

A belief system that teaches you how to use your God given talents to excel in everything you do.

Whatever it is you are pursuing, do it with all your might. Believe you can accomplish your goals, and when you do, move them higher and start over.

Your Turn

What are you doing that makes you the very best?

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