Being, The Basics of Becoming a High Performer

becoming a high performerFocus on being. I thought about if for a spell and finally decided, that even though we all want to do more, to have more success, more toys or what ever “more” may mean, until we understand that we have to “be” long before we can do, is simply the basics of becoming a high performer.

It’s all about a belief system. It’s about believing that if we simply believe, the rest will fall into place.

Becoming a High Performer

Becoming a high performer doesn’t mean you have to be the star of the team. It doesn’t mean you have to be a Blue Angel pilot. Becoming a high performer doesn’t mean you have to be anything more than yourself.

Before becoming a high performer in what ever it is you seek, you do have to be the very best you, knowing that you can always push yourself just a little further each time.

A Test

To illustrate what I mean, try this simple little test.

I want you to take a really deep breath. Take in as much air as you can filling your lungs to their ultimate capacity. Now, hold if for a moment. Don’t let any air escape.

Now, suck in just one more little bit of air. You can do it. Just one more time. Fill your lungs to capacity.

There Is Always Room for More

You see, when you think you are at your capacity, when there is no way you can possibility suck in more air, you find a way to do it. There is always room for just a little bit more.

This is a very basic understanding that if you are ever going to come close to becoming a high performer, you have to believe there is always room for just a little more.

You don’t have to push yourself to the limits, to the point of no return, you simply have to do just a little bit more.

You have to be yourself and realize when you are at the point of giving up, remember to suck in just a little more air.

Your Turn

What do you think it takes to become a high performer?

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