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create your image

Create Your Image of Your Destination | How to Live a Full Life

Create your image. Can you see it? It’s that beach vacation you always wanted to take with your family. Sunsets, sand, surf; you and your family having a fabulous time together. Maybe your image is that of a highly successful career. Create your image, an image in your mind of your destination. A place you want to be or a goal you want to achieve. But how do you do it?

believe in yourself

Believe in Yourself Like a Buzzard Spreading His Wings

Believe in yourself. Three simple words but for many, hard to do. Today I was looking out the front door of a building and across the way was a cell tower. Nothing exciting or special. We have all seen cell towers. This one was different. Perched on the very top of every available space, sat a buzzard. Lots of birds. But it was that lone bird on the lower tier that got my attention.