Are You An Inside Sales Consultant or Just Inside Sales?

inside sales consultantEarly on in my sales career I started as an inside salesperson. I didn’t know any better than to say I was in inside sales when people asked. But soon thereafter, I changed my thought process and started calling myself an inside sales consultant. Mainly because I liked the way it sounded. But this subtle change made a huge difference in my self confidence and created more trust with my customers.

Inside Sales Consultant Makes a Huge Difference

There is a huge difference between an inside sales consultant and just being in inside sales. One indicates you are there to help others while the latter is just, well, inside sales. It’s your choice. But I’ll bet I know which you will choose.

It’s all about your mindset, the way you think about yourself, your career or job. One takes orders, the other increases the size of the orders by consulting, by helping the customer. Which are you?

It Builds Trust

When you tell people, your customers, that you are an inside sales consultant, you instantly gain more of their trust. After all, consultants are suppose to help. They will start asking for you when they call because they know you can help them with solutions to their problems.

It’s a sad fact but most people who say they are in inside sales are basically just taking an order then doing the data entry part. Rarely do they suggest add on items nor do they do much to build a relationship.

Change Your Mindset
You need to decide right now that you are now an inside sales consultant. The next time someone asks what you do or even if they don’t ask, call yourself by your new title. It’s okay. I give you permission to do so.

Here are a few things you can do right now to change your mindset. You just might find you book more sales.

  • 1. Start calling yourself by your new title, Inside Sales Consultant.
  • 2. Change your process. Quit asking is that all and start suggesting other items.
  • 3. Make follow-up calls to check on new products you sold your customers.
  • 4. Send Christmas cards in May, July, October or anytime you want to make your customer smile. (Real Christmas cards. The ones with Christmas trees, toy drums, and mistletoe)
  • 5. Think like a consultant because you are now one.
  • Your Thoughts

    So which are you? Which would you rather be? The choice is yours.
    Let me know what you think about your new title.

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