$1.08 Worth of Advice for Good Conversation Starters

good conversation starters
Good conversation starters seem to come easy for me when I’m face to face with someone. I’m always amazed at what I can learn by simply striking up a random conversation with people I come in contact with.

Good Conversation Starters

This morning I pulled into the drive-thru of a nearby fast-food burger chain to get some breakfast. (I had the French toast sticks) As the young lady, who appeared to be a line manager of sorts very pleasantly greeted me at the window. She let me know the price of my order was $1.08 as she smiled waiting for me to hand her the cash.

In a joking manner, I asked her if I could give her $1.08 of advice if I didn’t have the money. As I was taking the dollar bill out of my wallet, she said, “Oh, I love advice.”

Promptly I asked her what sort of advice she liked and she rattled off several topics. One, was advice on personal growth and goal setting. Well, since that is right up my alley, I told her about my site and that I wrote blog articles. She was all smiles as she seemed excited to know that I was a “blogger” and how she loved reading blogs.

We spoke for another moment while I was waiting for my order to come up. She asked for my blog address and was happy to get it.

Will she ever visit my site? I don’t know. But as I was pulling away from the window I thought how easy it is to not only come up with good conversation starters, but how people really are hungry for information, conversation and straightforward advice.

Which brings me to this though. If people really are hungry for advice to help them grow in their self-awareness and get better at what they are and what they do, how can I help? Conversations are like ideas, if they stay in your head, you won’t grow.

6 Straightforward Pieces of Advice for Starting a Conversation

    1. Don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation. You just may learn something.

    2. Good conversation starters are usually not planned topics. Be random and spontaneous.

    3. Be friendly and smile. You don’t want to come off as pushy or obnoxious.

    4. Be yourself. People can see right through you if you are not sincere.

    5. Never be a fake. Always be an original.

    6. When you see the other person pulling away from the conversation, politely back off before things go south.

Good conversation starters are not hard to come by. Let me encourage you the next time your path crosses with someone you do not know, strike up a conversation with them. You just may learn something of value.

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