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Hi, my name is Ocha Nix (pronounced O'shay) 

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speak up

Speak Up to Succeed – People Are Not Mindreaders

You have to speak up to be heard One of the words I have chosen to focus on is, communicate, to speak up. Ironically I was reading an article about the one quality that all successful people have. You may think the one quality was something like, drive or entrepreneurship, or sales ability. While all ...
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making a living online

Making a Living Online or Just Hopes and Dreams

Do you have hopes and dreams of making a living online? Maybe your vision is living the good life, hanging out on the beach working only a few hours a day. You have read lots of blog posts of all the so called gurus who simply want you to buy their “how to” ebook. But ...
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broken process

A Broken Process Can’t Be Fixed with a Simple Band-Aid

You may find yourself faced with what may seem like impossible odds from time to time. A broken process, poor or no planning. No accountability. No way to win. What do you do? When I was at boot camp while in the Marines, we were put into situations where we thought there was no way ...
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