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one galaxy

Is There More than One Galaxy in the Universe

A couple things I really enjoy are online marketing and blogging and how it all comes together to connect people to something they are interested ...
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grateful list

Creating a Grateful List Small Things to be Thankful For

Your Grateful List Will Have a Huge Impact on Your Daily Life Do you have a grateful list? Maybe we all should. A couple of ...
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amazon fire stick

Amazon Fire Stick the Best Way to Watch Your Favorite Movies

Amazon Fire Stick I love my Amazon Fire Stick! Let me say that if you don't have an Amazon Fire Stick, you need to get ...
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just write

Just Have Fun – If it Inspires Someone Along the Way, Great

Just Have Fun at Whatever You Do I've been thinking a lot about all the content I write. I've come to the conclusion that even ...
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Thankful for the Connection, a Sandwich, a Hungry Man

I am thankful for the connection I made with a hungry and depressed man several years ago. I had stopped in at our local drug ...
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creating content

How Creating Content Inspires Long After It Is Read

One of the things I want to accomplish is to learn how, by creating content, I can inspire someone long after they have read it ...
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best ideas

Best Ideas Are All Your Audience Needs, But Whose Ideas

Lately I have been reading a lot about new best ideas. One of the best new business ideas I read about was, we don’t need ...
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moving forward

Moving Forward with the Power of a Ripple

Today was Easter. The service this morning was an outdoor service by the lake. The water was calm as a slight breeze rustled the leaves, ...
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what is a marketing strategy

What Is a Marketing Strategy and Why It’s Important to Your Business

Lately I have been talking about various aspects of content marketing. But what is a marketing strategy and is it really all that important to ...
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best content marketing strategies

Best Content Marketing Strategies for Anyone Just Starting Out

When you are just starting your online journey, knowing the best content marketing strategies can be elusive. You have read one article after another on ...
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successful salesman

17 Traits of Every Professional Salesman Who Ever Sold Anything

Anyone who ever had the desire to be a professional salesman and attain a high level of success, have these 17 traits. Not one of ...
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