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You have to believe you have what it takes to become a better you.

becoming a better you

You have a gift, a treasure on the inside. You already have the potential to make a difference in this world by starting with your innerself. It’s not always easy and you will often times find yourself bogged down in the everyday mire of daily tasks.

You need, and I do too, someone or something that provides encouragement and direction with a passion. That’s one reason I like Joel Osteen’s book, “Become a Better You.” I think if you read it, you too will find it has all three of these characteristics. Encouragement, Direction, Passion. After you get a copy and read it, let me know what you think. One other thing, if you need some encouragement in your life, let’s take this journey together. Subscribe to my blog and together we can make a difference.

Now, get started with the 7 points to become a better you.
  • Understanding Your Potential – Keep Pressing Forward The potential inside you has been there since before you were born. Everything you need to achieve your greatness is already there. It’s up to you to reach inside and pull it out. You have to develop your potential to the best of your ability. In becoming a better you, you will come to understand your potential. You have to stretch yourself; that’s when you start to tap into it. That’s when you will rise higher. That’s when you begin to make a difference.

  • Defining Your Path – Be Positive to Yourself You can’t let other people define your path. You can’t listen to those who tell you that you will never achieve your goals. You have to define your own path based upon what you know and learn about your potential and how to point it in the right direction. Once you define your path and your potential is realized, you will begin to understand how you can make a difference and become a better you.

  • Develop Better RelationshipsBring out the best in other people. Keep stress out of your life. Take a stand for your family and invest in your relationships. Be good to people without expectations.

  • Form Better Habits
    This is pretty much a no brainer. You can’t grow when you hang onto bad habits. Let go of them and you will give room for your good habits and new good habits to grow. Good habits help you to become a better you.

  • Embrace the Place Where You Are
    When you embrace the place where you are, you can start to feel peace. It’s okay to want change but remember, God is in control. Let Him draw you close so you can understand what He has in store for you.

  • Develop Your Inner Life
    This is a biggie. If you want to rise higher, you have to develop your inner life. Once you have a handle on it, you can start seeing the bigger picture.

  • Stay Passionate About Life
    If you become no longer passionate about life, it’s like blowing up a balloon and then letting it go. It zips around with no set course. Stay passionate, set your course in life and you will achieve greater heights. Keep singing your song from believing to expecting.

  • And Finally…

  • From This Point On There’s no turning back. Clocks don’t run backward. The potential that is already inside of you is there for you to use. You can’t give it back, but if you don’t use it, you will soon forget that it is there. It’s time to realize your potential, define your path and start making a difference. Become a better you. From this point on…

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