6 Blogging Lessons I Learned From a Turtle

What’s the rush? Just because you got your blog up and running doesn’t mean you are finished with the blogging lessons.

It may surprise you but you will never learn all there is to know about blogging, online marketing, and all the other digital world stuff. In fact, you should approach blogging lessons by looking at a turtle.

Chip the Turtle Taught Me These Blogging Lessons

It may sound a bit crazy, but Chip (A real turtle of a friend of mine. That’s him in the picture.) really did teach me these blogging lessons.

There are 6 steadfast lessons you can learn from a turtle that you should apply to your blogging and online business.

1. You don’t have to be in a rush. Slow and steady is okay. Too many times when people just like you and me start a blog, we want to go all out.

The problem is, if you are just beginning your blogging lessons, you have no clue what you are doing. Start slow and steady. Learn as you go at your pace. Just be sure to apply what you learn from your blogging lessons to your blog in a practical way.

2. Sometimes it’s okay to retreat into your own world. With so much information on how to start a blog or getting your online business up and running, you may start to feel inadequate or overwhelmed and a bit lost.

If you do, simply pull back into your own comfort place and regroup. It is so much better to get a handle on what you want to accomplish rather than fall into a huge unknown sinkhole.

3. If people keep thumping you on your shell, you don’t have to play. Just because everybody is saying, you have to do this and then do that then rinse and repeat does not mean you have to come out and play.

You’ll know when the time is right. Just remember this blogging lesson; as long as you are learning and have a plan of attack, you will do fine.

go for it4. Sometimes you just have to stick your head out and go for it. This is a critical blogging lesson you need to understand. Though you don’t have to come out of your shell just because someone is putting pressure on you, eventually you have to eat. You have to stick you head out and go for it.

You may not make it the first go round but as long as you refer to the number one blogging lesson above, slow and steady, you will get to where you want to go.

5. It’s okay if someone helps you across the road. You’ve been at it with a slow and steady pace; you backed up for a bit, regrouped and then stuck your neck out again. But you just don’t seem to be making any headway. Look for a friend, a mentor, someone you can learn from that will help you grow your business.

Get on the mailing list of someone whose blog you read and enjoy. Reach out for a helping hand to guide you across this digital highway. It’s so much easier to make it to the other side if you do.

6. People like turtles. Give them your all. If you give all of yourself to helping others cross the busy digital highway, your blogging lessons learned from a turtle will get you across the digital highway too.

Your Turn

What lessons have you learned while starting your blog in this digital world? Share them with us.

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